Carvin, the Carnivine Ward (Full Outfit)

Aztec? Gijinka? Both? Both. Definitely both. Carvin, the Carnivine Boleadoras.

Carvin is an interesting case of being the ward of a n Aztec god. Back during the peak of the Aztec Empire, Carvin was an assistants to the priests, aiding them in their rituals to their gods. This being said, Aztec priests were banned from hertosexual relations, but were not bound to chastity, so same-sex relations and love was common with the priests, Carvin included.

When the Spaniards arrived in Empire, they brought a different ideology which frowned up on same-sex relationships, causing the Aztecs who partook in those activities to be branded as sodomists and were killed or burned at the stake.Admidst the chaos on the temple Carvin served at, the Aztec god of Flowers, dance, beauty, singing, and flowers rescued him, and took Carvin in as making him a ward of Xochipilli and a carnivine gijinka.

Carvin has spent the last 450 years living and training with Xochipilli in the safety of Teotihuacan. However, when the modern day rolled around Xochipilli decided it was time to send Carvin back into the world to see how modern day sexuality had progressed. To do so, Carvin found work at a strip club that several other gijinkas worked at called 'Daddy's Den'

As a person, the time that Carvin spent with the patron of homosexual love had rubbed off on him as he’s proud to gay. He doesn’t mean to be flirty and seductive, but he’ll accidentally come off as such. When not doing ‘research’ for Xochipilli, he loves to share his culture with anyone who will listen, showing of his historically-accurate (if not revealing) costume and teaching his language.

Carvin’s ability is Levitate, which allows him to float several feet off the ground. That being said, Carvin cannot actually fly.

Xochipilli taught Carvin combat using both his abilities as a ward, but also with bolas that Carvin has found use for outside of battle…

Bind: Launching his bolas, he ties down his target to immobilize them
Vine Whip: He uses the bola in melee attack, violently swinging them,
Sweet Scent: As the ward of the god of Flowers, Carvin doesn’t give off foul-smelling body odor, instead smelling of flowers. Even his farts smell of boquets
Double Team: A bit of godly help, Carvin creates an illusionary clone of himself to throw off his opponents