Father Nature 2.0

So, after so much time, I've decided to post one more of my drawings here. I've been more active on Tumblr, so it's hard for me to be here. BUT! I bring you once again, my OC, Lauriel GreenSoul, and his new style: Shorter hair and dryad horns! He's like a Dryad, but not a Dryad at the same time. Yes, he's a plant-man, but his race is not exactly Dryad, from what I've explained the first time I brought him here. I always loved Nature based characters, and Poison Ivy was a huge inspiration for him, so much that he has those leaf gauntlets like her. Well, that's all. I'll just leave my Bara Plant-Man Daddy here. May the blessings of Hecate be upon you!