FullMoon Christmas

We would like to invite y'all to reflect about our lives, our decisions, the relationships that we are bounding and the ones that we are breaking; we would like to invite y'all to take some time to reflect about how the actions that we take now can shape the tomorrow; we would like to invite y'all to take a bit of your precious time and donate it to those who need it, hearing their problems, helping them achieve their dreams, helping those who are sad to smile and staying close to those who are ready to bid farewell to this world; finally, we would like to invite y'all to share food and drink with those who have less than us and donating some blood too.
For us Christmas isn't about religion, it is more about reflection and taking action before the year ends. No, you aren't supposed to fix what you did wrong the whole year but instead of it, inspiring you to push harder and doing better during the next year.

Stay safe guys and see y'all in the next year :)