BaraBox Update (Jul. 1)
Sat, Jul 1, 2017 5:17 PM

Posted by ssugiyama
Hey Guys,

I'm going to make this a bit of a longer news post to cover somethings going on within our development teams and further planned things down the line.

As many of you know we've just recently made a minor update to 1.0.2 that fixed quite a few bugs that were irking people. Such as favourite counts being in correct due to deleting them under certain circumstances other issues with inbox items not being sent or showing up however these issues has now been resolved after doing some major updates to the code.

Status of 2.0

The status of 2.0 is still in a good state we've create a lot of the basic back end for it as it's an entirely new system which includes some heavy changes to how the code is executed especially on the performance level which could have been better for this version however we were wanting to push this as a beta stage and make fixes as they popped up. In these cases we've took notes of various issues and certain triggers that caused failures in the 1.0 release and already have these ready and patched for 2.0.

You won't have to worry about creating a new account or anything like that it'll read off currently what's available in 1.0

New Features planned for 2.0 (Slated for Jan 2018 Release)

  • A complex and useful commission system built straight into BaraBox to manage and handle all the needs of the artist. However, payment processing will still be handled by the artist via PayPal or their payment processor of choice. 
    • Artists will be able to receive reviews based on the completion of their commissions and therefore users will be able to see what others have reviewed about the artist. However, if we notice an artist is receiving too many bad reviews we will review the account for any false reviews given (however, note that reviews can only be give by users that have requested a commission)
    • The ability to block users from requesting commissions
    • Artists will be able to set up their own tiers and pricing for their commissions and decide how many slots can be open per tier per month, years or even for the time they want to keep their commissions open.
    • Commissions will be handled like the broker system in which artist will define if they want to charge upfront for a percentage or full, however there is a middle man service that we will provide in which the payment stays with BaraBox until the art has been completed. At the time of completion the artist must upload the art and the requestor must accept for the funds to be released. (However, if we notice this is being abused by the requestor on purpose, funds will be release to the artist in those cases of people trying to scam and refunds will be denied as per all commissions will be required to have a contract obligation that the requestor must accept during the initial creation.)
  • Faster and engaging user experience
  • Updated chat system with custom icons and stickers for expressing yourself
  • Fully revamped idea system in which will keep the user up to date with any changes to their ideas.
  • Alpha Integrations with deviantArt and Pixiv.
  • Releasing Aedan AI, your own Bara Personal Assistant

Anime Expo 2018

As many of you already know we recently attended E3 2017 as members of Industry, however in the next upcoming AX we're planning to attend with all active staff members and also joining as an exhibitor as we team up with various artists to help grow both brands by these sponsorships. As we get closer and have the contracts written up we release an official statement regarding who will be attending. Alongside this, we will be releasing our own AX website before the event so if anyone would like to meet the BaraBox staff can schedule in times to do meet and greets and a chance to win a dinner with the BaraBox Staff.