Submission Policy

This Submission Policy ("Policy") is our guidelines on uploading, submitting your content as the Artist ("Account"). Any of these terms broken in this Policy are terms to a temporary, permanent ban, removal of content, or termination of your Account.

General Content

All content uploaded must follow these general standard expections:

  1. all content must focus on male characters, while females may be present they must not be the main focus
  2. females can not be in sexual situations

Any content you upload must:

  1. belong to you solely, art work that shares collboration will need inclusion in the description
Sexual Content

Sexual content is allowed but must follow guidelines:

  1. all mature content must be flagged, when submitting Content we give you this option and is required
  2. if filters apply to Content, these must also be flagged
  3. Shota is not allowed on the platform due to required laws and regulations regarding the United States pertinent to 18 U.S.C. ยง 1466A. Any attemps to upload this type of art or circumvent the Terms of Services or Submission Policy will result in a permanent ban. However, we are also required by law to release any information required by government agencies for legitimate requests regarding this type of content.
  4. if uploading anthro / furry content, please enable the Furry / Anthropomorphic filter


Photography is allowed but must follow the guidelines:

  1. must be professionally done
  2. must not seem pornographic in nature
  3. must not contain any form of penetration
  4. must not be a selfie (i.e. selfie stick, phone camera)
  5. must not contain scat
  6. any nude models must be of age 18 and consent form provided to BaraBox for records