Emergency Commissions
by ChemicalB. February 16th, 2017, 10:59:46 AM

Hello Everyone, So I’ve fallen on a bit of hard times,
because I’ve lost my main job. I’m in search for a new job, but in time
I need to make SOME kind of income to pay my bills. Please if you can
help by commissioning me, Sending me a Ko-Fi, or just spreading the word
I’d REALLY appreciate it.
Here is my commission information.
———————————————————*I Do all payments through paypal*If You want to tip me without worrying about extra charges, you can send it through Ko-Fi*Send a Message if you are interested.*I can decline drawing a piece if I feel uncomfortable doing so*If a certain piece is rather complicated I may take on a couple more $s*If you want a background, depending on it’s complexity I may raise the price*If you want multiple characters in one piece, I’ll raise the price
———————————————————Will Dos-Tasteful
Nude ((Male or Female)) /Sex ((MalexMale, MalexFemale*,
FemalexFemale))/Anthro/Certain level of
Robots/Gijinkas/Monster/Fantasyesque/FanartWon’t Dos-Shota Porn((NO))/Very Complex pieces/Beastiality/Guro
draw certain leels of MalexFemale sex, but I’m not comfortable drawing
the vagina. So anything with view of it I will probably refuse.==———————————————-

BaraBox iD
The name is Nate! A big bara lover, and just lover of art. I'm always open to chat! So, feel free to hit me up!

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