And that ship has sunk
by Dirty-Palms. December 6th, 2018, 07:57:37 PM
So three years ago the page where I started to upload my bara stuff closed and I was forced to search for alternatives. I found that page that was very popular amongst artist and NSFW artist, it was like unique in his kind, sure it had a lot of bugs and limitations, but I started to like its dynamics. I spend three years re building my gallery and growing a good number of followers, unfortunately, that site won't allow NSFW content anymore and I'm being forced to search again for a new gallery. Yes, I'm talking about fucking Tumblr.

I just found out that this page exist and it seems nice and with a clean desingn.I hope I can stay here more time, I'm gonna start to upload some old stuff soon.

BaraBox iD