Commissions are Open 30% Off [5 SLOTS OPEN]
by JoanDark. December 21st, 2018, 08:20:31 AM
Heya guys!! My commissions are finally back after a long hiatus! :) 
I am trying to gather some extra money for my spare bank account and christmas so any commission would be more than welcome!
I will be opening 5 spots this first batch ^_^
Price can vary depending request, 
If INTERESTED please send an email to with request for me to evaluate the commission request. :heart:

Price sheet:
Art Commission Price Sheet 2018 by JoanDark


Sketch: 21 € | 24$
Flats: 31,50€ | 35$
Colors: 42€ | 48$

NOTE: If there are add ons, I will do the full ammount first and then input the discount :)

Payment: Paypal/ Bank Tranfer (if EU resident)

BaraBox iD

Hello! I'm Jesse, I am 22 years old, a student of fine arts and also freelancer Illustrator on the spare time. 

I am SFW/NSFW content artist, but mostly draws homoerotica and male pin ups.
I love to draw my OCs and draw fanart to OW, FFXV (I am such a trascan for shippings) and tend to do other characters Patrons request me to on the monthly requests.

If I am not drawing, or being killed by college, I cosplay and also play a lot of video-games.

Please feel free to roam my gallery, leave a like or comment or even send a message <3