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Hi there! 
I am a graphic designer/illustrator who is working on a comic series, called kinkybaradudes. The series focuses on two beefy, chubby, bara male characters. Reggie whose childhood dream is to become a wrestler had to drop out of college due to fincial reasons enters into a semi professional male wrestling entertainment industry, but this lucky break comes with a catch from his sponsor TBD mens underwear inc. Charlie a gaymer, and part time private detective whose bladder isn't the strongest and ends up in embarssing situations, but there's more to Charlie's past than he leads on with Reggie, there will be other characters interconnected through another story that my partner is working on.

Kinkybaradudes 5 days ago
I also have s twitter page, there are more pages of my comic there, due to how big I make the pages they have a hard time uploading here, and I am lazy to make them lower than 5 MB.