Whoops! And hello~!!
by YellowOni. January 30th, 2017, 02:56:50 PM
I accidentally submitted "When things get hot" twice lol
But I can't delete it right now so my apologies! >w<;
I must have scheduled one and forgot and uploaded again @w@; What a scatter brain lol
Either way, I hope you like it!

And hi to my watchers!! ^o^/ How are you??
Thank you for following me!! <3

BaraBox iD

Hi there! My name is Nick.
I'm a freelance starving artist. I like to draw muscles, men, monsters and centaurs~!
I used to go by NikkixMonster on Y!Gal if you were looking for me!

I post all sorts of art on my Patreon too, more than men. LINK
All my art, including adult work are available on there for only $1 a month!!

If you wanna commission me, I also have a site where you get all the info you need for prices and what you can get: LINK

I'm really excited to be here since men are my favorite subject! < w >
I really hope you'll all like my stuff!